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Intracerebral hematoma (contusion)

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Post-traumatic intracerebral hematoma occurs following TBI. It may not be accompanied by a skull fracture. Its diagnosis is made by CT. Clinically, the patient presents with neurological symptoms such as disturbances of the level of consciousness, peritraumatic amnesia, disorientation, agitation, drowsiness, weakness of one side of the body, and other symptoms. If the contusion is limited and the neurological image is good, no surgery is required, only hospitalization for a few days and a repeat CT scan. However, if the symptoms are severe or worsen, surgical removal of the hematoma is required to decompress the brain. Permanent removal of part of the skull bone may be required to create enough space in the brain and to treat cerebral edema (swelling of the brain). Sometimes fractures are fatal despite surgery, or they may leave the patient with severe permanent disability.