Skull fractures

by mar1admin



Skull fractures occur following a head injury and are diagnosed by a simple skull x-ray. Following that, a cerebral CT scan should always be performed, in order to rule out the coexistence of hematoma under the skull, which can put pressure on the brain and be life-threatening for the patient. If there is no hematoma, surgery is not required unless the fracture has displaced the bone inside the skull, exerting pressing on the brain (depressed cranial fructure). Therefore, the depressed cranial fracgture is restored with surgery, unless it is very small. If the head injury in the fracture area is open, then the fracture is called complicated and it requires surgical treatment to remove any foreign bodies to prevent infection. The patient is hospitalized for a few days in order for the patient’s neurological image to be monitored. In simple fractures, 1-2 days of hospitalization are enough for simple follow-up.