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Nikolaos Maratheftis - NeurosurgeonNikolaos Maratheytis is a neurosurgeon, specialized in Functional Neurosurgery and Spine diseases. He is a graduate of the Medical School of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. After completing the 6-year specialization in University Neurosurgery Clinic of Evangelismos Hospital, he specialized for 3 years at the University Hospital of Cardiff in UK in spinal disorders and the Neurosurgical Treatment of Chronic Pain and Spasticity.

He has published 39 papers and articles in Greek and international conferences and journals.

He is Director of the Neurosurgery Clinic at the Iaso General Hospital


Director Neurosurgeon
Spine Surgeon


– Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery
– Functional Neurosurgery
– Minimally Invasive Brain Surgery


– Brain Microdialysis (Microdialysis)


– Specialist Registrar, Cardiff University Hospital, UK
– Full Time Clinical Fellow at the Department of Spine, Cardiff University Hospital, Cardiff, UK
– Scientific Head of the Neurosurgery Clinic (Iaso Children’s)
– Director of the Neurosurgery Clinic, Athens Euroclinic
– Director of the Neurosurgery Clinic, Iaso General Hospital


– Bachelor of Medicine
Faculty of Medicine, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (1997)


– University Neurosurgery Clinic “Evangelismos” Hospital (2006)


– Endoscopic Neurosurgery (2004)
– Diploma in Vascular and Nerve Microsurgery (2005)
– Specialist Registrar, Cardiff University Hospital, UK (2006-7)
– Four-year EANS (European Association of Neurosurgery) training (2004-7)
– Full Time Clinical Fellow (AO Spine Certified), Department of Spine, Cardiff University Hospital (2007-8)
– Cleveland Clinic Spine Review Hands-On Course, 2008, July 2008, Cleveland, OH, USA
– Managing Spine Tumors, Cleveland Clinic Neuro-oncology Center, July 2008, Cleveland, OH, USA


– General Medical Council, United Kingdom, ref number 6142456, from (2006)
– European Association of Neurological Surgeons, holder of Part I European Examination (2007)
– Spine Surgeon, August 2008
– Interventional spinal infiltration using ultrasound (University Hospital Innsbruck, Austria, 2014)


– Announcement Award at the 20th Panhellenic Neurological Congress for the paper entitled “Presentation of the protocol and results of the Epilepsy Surgery Unit of the Neurosurgery Clinic of the University of Athens at the Hospital “Evangelismos”.
– PhD in the Postgraduate Courses of the Hellenic Neurosurgical Society (2006)


– Protocol coordinator of the project “Microdialysis Measurement of Interleukins in Head Injury Patients “Techniques: microdialysis, flow cytometry.
– Protocol author and coordinator of project “Effect in one year clinical outcome of posterior longitudinal ligament division in one and two level anterior cervical discectomies with fusion”.
– Protocol co-author and coordinator of the project “Microdialysis in surgical Treatment of Epilepsy “Techniques: Flow Cytometry, Microdialysis, Intraoperative Neurophysiology,Video EEG.
– Protocol coordinator of the project “Post injury brain metabolism and inflammation cascade”.Techniques: microdialysis, flow cytometry.
– Department of Neurosurgery, Evangelismos General Hospital, University of Athens Hospitals, Athens, Greece.


– Twenty-six (26) presentations in Greek Neurosurgery Conferences,
Spine Surgery and General Surgery.
– Thirteen (13) presentations at European and World Conferences
– “Microdialysis as a prognostic and monitoring tool in ICU for Head injury”.
Maratheftis N et al, International Conference in Recent Advances in Neurotraumatology,
World Neurotrauma Congress, Aswan, Egypt, 03/2004.
– “Unusual cases of neurovascular conflict”, Maratheftis N et al., World Congress
Neurosurgery, Marrakesh, Morroco, 06/2005.
– “Sensitivity and specificity of cerebral microdialysis in detection of secondary insult
in brain injury”, Maratheftis N et al., World Congress of Neurosurgery, Marrakesh,
Morroco, 06/2005.
– ‘ An atypical presentation of an extradural haematoma on the grounds of a temporal
arachnoid cyst. A case report”. Boviatsis EJ, Maratheftis N., Kouyialis AT, Sakas D.E. Clin
Neurol Neurosurg, Jul 2003, 105 (3) p 225 – 8.
– “Cervical disc, mimicking nerve sheath tumor, with rapid spontaneous recovery: a
case report” L. C. Stavrinou, G. Stranjalis, N. Maratheftis, T. Bouras and D. E. Sakas European
Spine Journal. 2008 Sep 10.
– “Paroxysmal otalgia due to compression of the intermediate nerve: a distinct
syndrome of neurovascular conflict confirmed by neuroimaging”. D E. Sakas, M.D., Ioannis G.
Panourias, M.D., G Stranjalis, M.D., Maria P. Stefanatou, M.D., Nikos Maratheftis, M.D.,
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– ”Delayed diagnosis of steroid-induced colon diverticulum perforation” Andreas
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– “Comparison of Microdialysis and ICP to monitor cerebral ischemia in CNS Trauma”,
oral presentation, Floros J., Maratheftis N., Kollias S., Vletsas C., Roussos C., Intensive Care
Medicine, September 2004 Suppl, (30); p 131, 2004.
– “Factors influencing decision criteria for allocation of intensive care unit beds in
Greek neurosurgical patients”, Giannakopoulos P., Stranjalis G., Garini E., Prodromou O.,
Volanaki A., Maratheftis N., Karamichali E., Euroanesthesia, Vienna, Austria, May 2005.
– “Orbitozygomatic approach applications-indications” Lecturer in Neurosurgery
Clinic, Neuroscience meeting, Sept 2006, Cardiff, Wales.